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Our Resources

Our resources provide valuable information to foster families, volunteers, agency workers, and other caregivers in the community.

Community Resources

Communication Template for Child in Care

Use this template each time a child comes in care. One Template per child. Upon placement, copy the “New Placement” section into an email and fill it out. At the end of each month, reply to all on the original email sent, and provide an update using the “Monthly Update” template. This keeps all parties on the same page and keeps a running document for reference.

Newsletter Template for Partner Churches and Organizations

Use this template to communicate everything happening at Hope 1312 Collective to your church or organization. Want to know what to share? Contact us at

Chosen - Supporting Families and Vulnerable Children

Chosen supports families and vulnerable children with mentoring, parenting education and outreach. We are making a tangible impact to help children heal.


The Foster Care Prayer Guide

One of the easiest ways to get involved and support the stories of children in foster care is to commit to pray for them. Use this Foster Care Prayer Guide to lift up children in hard places and the families, friends, professionals that support them.

Foster Family Resources

Glynn County Foster Parent Continuing Education Report

Glynn County foster parents may use this form to report any training or other relevant continuing education received. This form is for reporting purposes only. The final decision on what activities qualify for continuing ed credit will be made by DFCS personnel.

GACRS - Virtual Certificate Training

Georgia Center for Resources and Support is working to make Virtual Training Certificate a more convenient training resource. They have provided recordings from presenters who have expertise in adoption, foster care, special needs and/or parenting. Use the link to learn more.

Division of Family and Children Services - Foster Georgia Training

View the calendar of upcoming training events from the Division of Family and Children Services. This calendar is updated regularly and offers excellent opportunities to learn more about foster care and parenting.