Care Communities

Care Communities provide a way to surround foster children, families, and caseworks with support. By committing to play a seemingly small role in a care community you can make a huge impact by lightning the load of a foster family.. Watch the video below to learn more about how how you can be a part of a care community.

How Care Communities Work

Though our partnership with Foster Hope we work with children, families, and caseworkers to develop a list of tangible needs. We then recruit, train and mobilize a care community to meet those needs. If you would like to volunteer to be a part of a care community contact us below.


Contact us to volunteer to be a part of Care Community and begin supporting the stories of children of hard places.


Your financial gift helps meet the needs of children from hard places through Care Communities. Visit our donate page to learn more about how you can contribute to Hope 1312 Collective.

About Us

Hope 1312 Collective exists to Enter the Story of children from hard places to share, support, and shape their lives with hope.

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