We've Been Busy at Hope 1312 Collective

Updated: Nov 22, 2020

Careportal is live in Glynn County connecting our Hope 1312 Collective churches to actual needs of children and families. Since our launch just 6 weeks ago we collectively have supported the stories of 10 children and had an economic impact of over  $2,500.

Two of our Hope 1312 Collective churches, Rhema and St Simons Community  have re-decorated the DFCS visitation spaces making them more therapeutic and inviting to families and children who are required to spend supervised time together in hopes of reunification, a tangible display that they are not alone and God is with them as the next chapter of their story unfolds.

We are working to establish care communities around our local foster families and seeking to provide monthly respite at our partner churches. This past month a faithful foster family was able to have a quiet date night after welcoming a sibling set of three into their family thanks to one of our respite events. We would love for your small group or family to get plugged in by providing a weekly meal or transportation. 

Heart Gallery of Georgia, Hope 1312 Co