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A Day of Hope

Updated: Nov 22, 2020

Years ago when we started our efforts we simply longed to bring HOPE to kids waiting to find their forever home. While sharing the stories of waiting children and raising awareness of their needs was key, equally as important was celebrating who each of these waiting children were, their unique stories, personalities, and dreams. So we decided to create our Day of Hope program.  Inviting kids waiting to be a adopted to a day all about them. Literally celebrating them all day. Eating their favorite things, expressing their individual style through new clothing, and trying new experiences. Needless to say Days of Hope have become some of the most anticipated days of our year. We recently hosted a Day of Hope in the Golden Isles. A precious group of 6 of the most resilient kids you will ever meet met at the Strike Zone. And while bowling, dressing up, eating, and playing in the arcade were great fun the hi-light of the day was the virtual reality room.

The virtual reality experience literally brought me to tears. It was absolutely incredible to get to see kids who have had so few life experiences get a choice in where they wanted to visit. One little girl finally got to go to Disney, another visited Jamaica pretending to put her toes in the sand, some kids opted to walk the streets of cities where they heard their family was from. My favorite was the little girl who for 15 minutes escaped the reality of her earthly trauma to walk on the moon and see all of those problems literally shrink! That's the hope that we want each of our children to feel!

Will you pray for each of these precious faces that their needs would be met, not just basic needs, but emotional and spiritual needs as well, that they would be cherished and God would make a way for them that only He can orchestrate. Join us in praying that on their hardest days they would remember their Day of Hope and it would be multiplied into days, weeks and years as God continues to sustain them and fulfill His promises. What a gift to enter Kayla, Tyler, Torian, Rebecca, Antajah, and Kinsley's stories!


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